I was walking in my local woods when I saw this weaving, dancing branch. It had broken off from its tree but looked like it still wanted to be dancing in the wind.

I took the branch home and started to play with ideas and Autumn Dance emerged.

She is the spirit of the tree, dancing her joy and making an offering of her own bark to the land. She dances to celebrate life before the inevitable little death of winter, knowing she will return in spring with renewed life and vigor.

All aspects are foraged, even the frame has been repurposed. The bark was taken from the forest floor and the moss was scraped from my garden steps (they were very slippery).

I also placed semi precious stones into splits in the branch. There is an amethyst, shown below, and a fluorite, shown in the last picture.

Amethyst is my birthstone and its properties are awareness, psychic powers , intuition, inspiration, clarity and it also relieves stress, promotes calmness and meditation.

Fluorite neutralises negative energy and stress. It increases powers of concentration, self confidence and decision making. It encourages positivity and balances the energies, both physically and mentally.

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