Elen is a little known goddess of pathways of life, both spiritual and physical. She is the ethereal antlered goddess, who can be found in the wild places where the deer and forest dwellers roam. She can be seen in the glimpse of an antler, a flash of her eyes, enticing you further onto the wild trackways and paths. She is linked to fertility and wellbeing, and has the power to bestow kingship on one who will best steward the land and keep it safe.

Elen is said to appear in many guises, to lead the way on spiritual journeys. As a forest deity she is also believed to be linked with Cernunnous to awaken the land, in her aspect as the mother goddess.

Elen is best known from the story “The Dream of Mascen Wledig” which is based on Emperor Maximus. The tale is that Mascen, while out hunting, falls asleep and dreams of a journey over mountains and rivers. At the end of his journey he reaches a castle and meets the most beautiful woman he has ever seen, Elen. When he wakes he cannot get her out of his mind and eventually tracks her to Wales after a wild adventure. She agrees to marry him, as she deems him the best to steward the land.

Elen of the Shimmering Ways

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