I have just completed this painting of my Granny. I spent a lot of time with her when I was a young teen, and suffering the loss of my father. She was so easy going and liked to watch Coronation Street and wrestling, and feeding her cat best steak, while eating mince herself!

Granny passed in 1979 and all my photos of her are grainy and unfocused. I created this image using a sketch which I made of her during a visit just before her passing. She was watching TV and chewing her cheeks, which was a habit of hers when she was engrossed in something. The sketch was made using coloured pencils and, despite my best efforts, is becoming a little faded, as I did not have access to good materials then.

I am very pleased with the finished portrait, to me it IS my Granny.

Annie Cougill
The original sketch

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