Hi mummy, guess who

I just popped up ‘cos I smelt food

I was out digging for Viking bones

But all I found were some old stones

THEN I heard a saucepan rattle

And forgot all about my Viking battle

I ran straight home at such a pace

Just to show you my sweet face

So now I’m here, it would be rude

Not to give me loads of food

And as I’ve run so fast and far

Feed me NOW

love Siggy-Sig-Ahhhhh

This was a commission for a pet portrait. Siggy is my very good friend’s puppy and she and Scooby love to hate each other. I wrote the poem to describe what a great little dog she is.

The Siggy-Sig-Ahhh is reminiscent of the Spice Girls and is sometimes Siggy’s nickname, along with others unmentionable.

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