Lockdown redecoration of my bedroom

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As we are once again in lockdown, I decided to run with an idea for the redecoration of my bedroom. I wanted it colourful, but not busy, and relaxing. I had the idea for a Caribbean theme, as that is my heritage, and started with my wardrobe doors. I was so pleased with the outcome that I tackled the main wall in the room.

I added subtle lighting on the ceiling to enhance the painting in the evening. It may not be to everyone’s taste, but I love it. It feels like you can walk down the rickety jetty and dive into the sea. The flowers are my favourites and remind me of home and the Motmot bird is only found in Trinidad.

Wardrobe doors
In my studio
I found some old doors in my loft, painted them and attached them under the window. This is taken before I filled in all the holes and made good. The idea is that you are looking down at the scenery.

The whole project took about a month, not including visualising and sketching my ideas. The wall painting took two weeks of work. The most difficult yet most important was drawing the design on the wall, prior to painting.

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